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Break the Silence, SPEAK UP - World AIDS Day 2008 Campaign

Concern Worldwide India used a popular FM radio channel BIG 92.7 FM to reach out to college students and young professionals.

This was mainly in the cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack in Orissa in India during November-December 2008 as part of the month-long World AIDS Day activities.

The idea was to make the issue of HIV visible and get people talking about HIV and AIDS in a way that is open and honest. This is so the illness is not seen as something to hide, stigmatise or discriminate against.

Public debate

Concern did a splash of interesting and stylized interactive events creating a lot of visibility around HIV. like a month long three-hour phone-in interactive radio programme, setting up of 15 information stalls in the city followed by a debate competition in a city mall area in the evening on December where the youth got a platform to interact and got a chance to clarify their doubts.

Radio Jockeys (RJs) reached out to various commercial points like city malls, cinema theatres, coffee shops and colleges. Outdoor broadcast vans facilitated interactions around the theme, broadcasting the views of people from the field to the studio during live programmes. The campaign culminated with a Rock Show – Break The Silence - organised on 14 Deccember 2008.

The campaign reached out approximately to a population of 12,895,630 (Source of information: and was widely covered by both electronic and print media.


The impact of the programme was very good. The city's young people responded well to the campaign and started talking about HIV which was evident from the phone calls during the radio shows and the overwhelming response at the debate competition and Rock Show. The campaign played an effective means for raising awareness and of challenging people’s myths and misconceptions, definitely helping people change their attitudes in the long run.

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