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Building for the future

In Tanzania, very few people own land. This is a problem, as 80% of the country relies on the land to make a living. Concern Worldwide is working to change this. 

Officially, it has been possible to own land in Tanzania since 1999. So, one of Concern’s partners is educating people about how they can buy their own land.

The right to own land

In Kasulu District, I met Simon Rubamba, a retired primary teacher. Simon is the secretary of the land tribunal in Nkundutsi Village. Simon believes that even the poorest people can own land. He said:

Poor people aren’t just poor because of lack of capital, but also because of lack of information. Just the awareness of their right to own land gives them confidence. And when they see other people investing and moving along, they will learn and follow them. 

Resolving conflicts

Simon told me that another problem is dividing up land. He said: 

As the population expanded, people took more and more bits of land that wasn’t necessarily theirs. In 1973, this was one village, and now it’s two. So we have to resolve these issues.

Changing lives

Thanks to the work being done by Concern’s partner, Simon is hopeful about the future in his village:

Now people don’t value their land. But when they own it they will value it much more, and this will change their lives in many ways. They will be able to get a loan. They will invest more, and afford to buy inputs such as fertiliser to increase their production.