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Calling on MPs to take action against poverty

People throughout the UK joined millions across the globe over the weekend to call for an end to poverty and injustice.

This was part of the “Stand Up and Take Action” campaign. It was organised by the Global Call to Action against Poverty – the world’s largest anti-poverty alliance.

Concern Worldwide was involved in the campaign, along with other NGOs, trade unions, community groups, women’s organisations and faith groups.

Contacting MPs

In the UK, constituents contacted more than 200 MPs and candidates, calling on them to take tangible steps to end poverty. Each candidate was given a copy of the International Development Manifesto – a package of policy recommendations endorsed by more than 70 organisations.

Thousands more people attended public meetings and faith services to make a stand against poverty.

Unnecessary suffering

Concern’s Azra Sheikh said: “The UK government, along with other rich nations, are in a position to end unnecessary suffering through fairer agreements on aid, trade, debt and climate change. As the world’s poor cannot vote in UK elections, it is up to us to stand up on their behalf.”

A clear message

UK “Stand Up and Take Action” coordinator Tim Gee said: “People of rich and poor countries alike have delivered a clear message to politicians: keep your aid promises, and don’t let the good work aid does be lessened by the effects of climate change and the financial crisis”