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Celebrating Concern’s work in Pakistan

Karen Gallagher, Head of Concern Worldwide in Northern Ireland, met with Lord Mayor of Belfast Pat Convery last week to talk about the impact of the recent floods in Pakistan.

Karen outlined Concern’s initial response to the flood, and longer term plans to help rebuild communities and livelihoods. 

Stricken regions

Local comedian Tim McGarry and mountain climber Terence “Banjo” Bannon were also on hand to pay tribute to the work of Concern and two other overseas charities. Terence, who spent many months in Pakistan during the summers of 2005 and 2006, said:

I know on a personal level how little the villagers in the stricken regions have and how devastating the loss of their land and homes will be. Unlike the privileged lives we lead, many of these people barely survive in the barren landscapes around them and they suffer through some of the harshest weather conditions imaginable. However, despite their limited means and very basic living standards, they are some of the kindest and most generous people I have ever met.

This is truly a humanitarian crisis on a global scale and without an increase in public awareness to the plight of the Pakistani people, I fear many thousand more will die as the winter approaches and their already bleak situation turns disastrous.

A world of difference

At the reception, Tim, local comedian, said:

I know we are all feeling the pinch. I know we are all worried about water charges and tuition fees and child benefit and cuts…but we also know that, despite our difficulties, we are still very lucky. The calamitous floods in Pakistan have brought destruction and misery to millions of people on a scale we can hardly imagine. 

This campaign to help those who are suffering the most in Pakistan is one I am very proud to support. Thanks to everyone who has given so generously so far. Please give what you can. It can make the world of difference.