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Climate change commitment

After much pressure from Stop Climate Chaos, the Irish government has committed to introducing climate change legislation in 2012. But there is more to be done, this time in Rio! 

But first…

Cast your mind back to November and the Irish government was faltering on its climate change promise. Our supporters took to the streets, blowing hundreds of vuvuzelas outside Dáil Eireann. We were putting pressure on the government before they left for climate change talks at a United Nations conference in Durban, South Africa. 


Our vuvuzelas can’t take all the credit, but they’ll take most of it! Their voices were heard and the Irish government committed to domestic climate change legislation in 2012. This is a great success for the campaign, but only a tiny step towards tackling this huge problem. 

What’s next?

From a global perspective, the outcome of the Durban conference was weak. So, as well as doing our bit domestically, there is a real need for stronger political will around the world. We need more “people power” if governments are going to take action.

Let’s go to Rio 

In June 2012, the world’s governments will be heading to Rio, Brazil, to review their progress on climate change at Rio+20. It has been 20 years since they first met in Rio, and unfortunately little progress has been made. 

More voices

But we’ll be keeping an eye on them and keeping the pressure on them too. So, this summer, dust off your vuvuzela and add your voice to the call to Stop Climate Chaos!

Details of our next charity event will be published soon.