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Concern in Downing Street

Concern’s CEO Tom Arnold attended a global hunger event alongside Prime Minister David Cameron at Downing Street. The meeting sought to address ways in which we can eradicate world hunger.

The event was organised to coincide with the closing ceremony of the London Olympics. Olympic sports stars including Mo Farah and Haile Gebrselassie joined world leaders to discuss ways to end hunger.

Petition success

On Friday, in anticipation of this event, we delivered a charity petition to Downing Street with over 600,000 signatures. The petition called on David Cameron to prioritise hunger during the UK’s presidency of the G8. This petition was a success because at the meeting the global commitment to tackling hunger and malnutrition was strengthened.

Strong commitments

The event saw David Cameron call for action in three key areas: 

  • Science and innovation
  • The role of the private sector
  • The accountability of governments who receive foreign aid

David Cameron also committed to investing in agriculture to develop drought resistant and vitamin-enhanced crops, helping Africa and south Asia grow 11 million more tonnes of cereals.

Looking to 2016

The event ended with a strong call to make significant progress on hunger and nutrition by the time the Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil, take place. If leaders keep their promises, 25 million children could avoid stunting by 2016. 

G8 summit

David Cameron has agreed to use the UK’s presidency of the G8 summit to lead on this vital issue but this is just the first step in tackling global hunger. We still have a long way to go, but with your support we can have a real impact on the lives of people in the developing world. 

Sign the petition

It’s not too late to add your name to our petition.