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Concern Tanzania awarded Food Facility grant

In November 2009, the European Commission (EC) awarded a two-year €1.97 million grant to Concern Tanzania for its work in the agricultural sector. The grant will help poor farmers, in 175 villages, avail of their rights to food and land. It will also help to mitigate the negative effects of recent poor harvests and rising food prices.

Increasing food production

The first objective was to respond rapidly to hunger in Concern Tanzania’s programme areas by distributing seeds to 2,500 of the most vulnerable households. This was conducted in partnership with local organisations and district councils in November 2009 in time for the rainy season. This distribution will increase production this season and replenish quality seed stores for subsequent seasons. It will prevent poor farmers from falling victim to food shortages.

Sharing information

The grant is also supporting training and sharing knowledge through farmer field schools. Local governance structures are to be strengthened to manage, regulate and coordinate agricultural development and land registration.

The Food Facility grant will cover nine districts and support the following partners:

  • CARITAS Kigoma Diocese
  • Itunundu Irrigation Association (ITUNUNDU)
  • Kilimo Hai na Asilia (KIHASI)
  • Relief to Development Society
  • Tanganyika Christian Refugees Service
  • Umoja wa Kilimo cha Umwagiliaji Makifu (UKIUMA)
  • Umoja wa Wamwagiliaji Kata ya Mahenge (UWAKAMA)
  • Umoja wa Kilimo cha Umwagiliaji Luganga Pawaga (UKULUPA)


The EC recently approved a second grant to improve the livelihoods of poor farmers in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Burundi. The support that the EC has shown demonstrates its commitment to growth in the sector and to the reduction of poverty.

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