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Concern wins water trophy

Concern came second and was awarded a trophy for its work in water and sanitation in Tanzania during World Water Week.

Celebrated each year, Water Week, which runs from 16 to 22 March, is popularly known as “Maji Week” in Tanzania. An event was held to mark it in Bukoba, with Vice President of United Republic of Tanzania Dr Ally Mohamed Shein as guest of honour. Concern’s award came in the category of mobilisation, education and training.


This event attracted organisations like African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) ) and Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) , who have now requested a visit Concern’s water and sanitation projects.

Different methods

Concern demonstrated the different interventions used in the Kagera region and also played a water supply documentary from Mbuo. Local plans for delivering clean water to communities were shown to Vice President, Minister and Deputy Minister of Water and other Kagera region officials illustrating methods, approaches and tools used. Children’s books, training manuals and brochures were also presented.

Training people

Concern also trains people to maintain and manage water points. These groups of people are referred to as Water User Groups. They also collect small sums of money for community contribution for the upkeep of the water point (in line with government guidelines). Concern also connects Water User Groups with the district water quality officers, which gives long-term ownership of the water infrastructure to the community.


Deputy Minister for Water and Irrigation reconfirmed a pledge of 50 million Tanzanian Shillings ($38,000) to Concern. Further to this, the government reiterated its commitment to the adoption of Water Point Mapping as a planning tool for water infrastructure.

Water Point Mapping involves finding out where each community draws their water and taking a GPS, assessing if it is an unsecured source or broken secure source and compiling the information and overlay on a map of the area.


During the commemoration, Concern was represented by Audax Rukonge, Jaka Magoma, Gabriel Mkungu, Frank Mng’ong’o, Moses Shemdoe and our driver Joseph Felician.