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Concern Worldwide amongst first to respond to flood victims

Concern Worldwide was amongst the first organisations to respond to the plight of flood victims in Sirajganj and Kazipur. A further response is planned for Faridpur and Manikganj.

Working with local NGO partner, Gono Kalayan Sangstha, Concern has completed the first phase of an emergency relief effort to help 5,000 families who were forced to flee their homes because of rising flood waters from the Jamuna river.

“These families have shown incredible resilience”, Concern Country Director Kieron Crawley explained. He added, “our relief package of flattened rice, molasses and high energy biscuits for children, is designed to give immediate, if temporary relief to those who have been forced to abandon their homes and don’t even have a place to cook”.

Access by boat

Many of those living on the Jamuna Char islands are also facing major difficulties as the waters continue to rise. Local boats have been used to ferry much needed relief supplies to some of the remote island chars in Kazipur. Distribution operations took place in Kazipur Sadar, Maizbari, Shuvgacha, Chalitadanga, Gandhail and Kazipur Municipality.

In total, 25 metric tonnes of rice, five metric tonnes of molasses and 3.5 metric tonnes of biscuits were distributed to poor families in Char areas as well as those displaced in Kaliaharipur, Saidabad, Khokshabari and Ranigram.

Concern in Bangladesh

Concern has been working in Bangladesh since it gained independence in the early '70s and has responded to some of the most severe flood emergencies over the years. “As a humanitarian organisation we understand the importance of reacting quickly”, Concern regional manager Amirul Islam stated.  “We make a huge effort to make sure that supplies reach those in need within 72 hours”.