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Concern's response to floods in Pakistan

Cyclone Yemyin hit Balochistan Province in Pakistan on Tuesday 26 June 2007 bringing heavy rain, flooding and winds of up to 80 miles per hour.

In Balochistan, an estimated 2.5 million people have been affected by the floods and 202 lives have been lost. An estimated 360,000 people have been left homeless.

A total of 15 out of 29 districts across the province have been affected from coastal areas to more inland districts of Balochistan. Bridges and communications infrastructures have been badly damaged and many areas remain inaccessible by road.

Concern’s response

Concern responded quickly to the emergency created by the cyclone and floods in three flood affected districts of Balochistan. Assisting 3,400 flood affected families, Concern provided emergency relief food packages containing wheat flour, dates, rice, pulses, oil and high energy biscuits - enough to feed a family for two weeks. Essential non-food items such as shelter, mosquito nets, hygiene kits, jerry cans and water purification tablets were also provided to each of the families.

Concern has been one of the leading agencies in this humanitarian response. It was involved in the initial assessment of the affected area with other members of the Pakistan Humanitarian Forum. Concern’s  Emergency Programme Officer was nominated to join the World Bank/Asian Development Bank team in their detailed assessment of the needs of the affected communities. 


Concern is continuing to coordinate its activities with the relevant government authorities, UN and other NGOs in the target areas. This maximises the overall effectiveness of the humanitarian response. Working with partner organisations also helps to develop early recovery strategies for the communities involved.

Vulnerable to flooding

Balochistan is always vulnerable to flooding, earthquakes, cyclone and other natural disasters. Concern is committed to continuing its work in the area of disaster risk reduction in Balochistan. Analysis, such as disaster risk reduction, is important when trying to protect the livelihoods of communities in such vulnerable areas.

Concern has been working in the Awaran district of Balochistan, for over three years building flood protection structures, training partner organisations and helping villages prepare disaster management plans to minimise the impact of natural disasters.