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Cyclone Aila relief continues

Concern Worldwide is taking part in a £8.5 million project to help people affected by Cylone Aila in Bangladesh and India. 

The cyclone hit the Bangladesh-India border on Monday 25 May 2009 causing widespread destruction. The response effort is run by a number of aid agencies including Oxfam, Action Aid and Islamic Relief.  

Recovering from disaster

The project will run for the next seven months in the Khulna and Satkhira districts. Firstly, we’ll set up a cash for work scheme. This will give people an opportunity to earn desperately-needed money in exchange for activities such as building roads and canals or ponds for safe drinking water. We will also provide agricultural grants to small land owners. A cash grant will be distributed to those most affected by the disaster. We will train people about sanitation, hygiene, nutrition and child care. Another important part of this work is to ensure people are well-prepared to deal with future disasters.

Cyclone Aila 

Cyclone Aila hit barely six months after cyclone Sidr swept the Khulna, Satkhira and Bagerhat coasts. Cyclone Aila left 200 people dead and 211,265 people are still affected. 60% of these are women. 

Working together

The aid agencies working in the aftermath of the cyclone decided to join together as a group to improve the coordination, efficiency and effectiveness of our relief efforts. We aim to continue this vital project until the survivors have recovered from this crisis.