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Cyclone Sidr hits Bangladesh

Cyclone Sidr hit the southern coast of Bangladesh late on Thursday 15 November.

Sidr swept across the country hitting the Khulna and Barisal coastal belt most severely.

Winds of 240 kph and driving rain lashed the coastal area leaving many parts blacked out. Government sources suggest that more than 200 people have been killed as the cyclone uprooted trees and ripped roofs from houses. The capital Dhaka was plunged into darkness as it was deluged by heavy rainfall accompanied by strong winds.

So far the districts of Barisal, Bagerhat, Jhalukati and Barguna have been most heavily affected with many other districts also hit. In these areas more than 50% of houses have been damaged, roads have been cut off and power and communications disrupted. Initial reports suggest that Cyclone Sidr has been the worst to hit Bangladesh’s southern coast since the devastating hurricane in 1991.

What Concern is doing

In the run up to the cyclone Concern partners in the coastal belt of Bangladesh took measures alongside local government and the local Red Cross/Red Crescent to issue community warnings and evacuate people in vulnerable areas. They have also formed emergency teams and negotiated responsibility as to who will do what during and after the cyclone landfall.

Concern informed its partner organisations to take immediate measures for possible search and rescue operations. Presently Concern has two teams carrying out a rapid assessment with partner organisations in the most affected areas. Dry food, temporary shelter and drinking water will be urgently needed for people displaced in the aftermath of the cyclone.

View the area through Google Earth

You can view information and pictures about the situation on the ground via Google Maps in a web browser by clicking here.

To view using the Google Earth application:

  • Download Google Earth by clicking here 
  • Once the download is complete, click here to download the Bangladesh files. Save the files, and then open them
  • Explore the satellite maps of Bangladesh, containing markers depicting areas of operation for Concern.