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East Africa crisis: update

Since the beginning of the emergency in east Africa, Concern has reached approximately 680,000 people. However, the crisis is far from over. There are still more than 10 million people in urgent need of help. 

The crisis is a result of the worst drought in 60 years. Political insecurity, volatile food prices and poverty have also all combined to devastating effect. Across Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya, people continue to have little access to food and water.

Future hopes?

The UN estimates that hundreds of people are dying every day. Children – weakened by the long-term effects of malnutrition – are among the worst affected. 

Despite recent rains, it will take many seasons for farmers and pastoralists to recover.

Dedicated to the poorest people

Despite such daunting circumstances, Concern has already helped thousands of the people affected. This is thanks to the extremely generous support we received so far from supporters like you. 

Our teams are now drilling boreholes and reconstructing water pumps. This is providing people with much-needed clean water. We are giving people food vouchers to ensure they have enough to eat. 

Helping mothers and children

We’re using an approach called community management of acute malnutrition to treat malnourished children and pregnant women.

We are also helping people to feed themselves – so far, we have provided seeds to 20,000 families. 

You can help

Your help is urgently needed.