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East Africa: helping more people

Concern Worldwide is now helping over half a million people affected by the drought in Kenya, Ethiopia, and famine-hit Somalia. We plan to increase the number of people we are helping over the coming months.

Currently, we are helping around 200,000 people in Somalia, as well as 260,000 people in Ethiopia and 100,000 people in Kenya.

Swift response

Long and established good relationships in the region are the key to our effective and swift response. We have had significant operations in all three Horn of Africa countries for decades and have been responding to this crisis.

Working around the clock

We are working 24/7 to increase what we are doing to meet the challenges of this catastrophe. Having just returned from the region, I can testify that reaching half a million people is a significant achievement given the very difficult circumstances.

Emergency supplies

This week, we received a shipment of supplies from the Irish government into Mogadishu, Somalia. Supplies included shelter materials, cooking utensils and mosquito nets which we will distribute to displaced people. We are also running emergency feeding programmes in all three countries, as well as water and sanitation projects.

Next steps

At this point in time, it is clear that we still want to reach more people. We also intend to come up with longer-term ways to reduce their vulnerability to future droughts. 

Outstanding public response

The public have once again been outstanding in contributing significantly to our response to this crisis and we’d like to thank them for that. But we’d also urge people to keep supporting us, as this crisis is not going away any time soon.