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Educating girls in Liberia

When a girl starts school in Liberia, she arrives full of enthusiasm and hope. But, without school resources or a qualified teacher, progress is slow.

Concern is working to address these issues in 30 remote schools in Grand Bassa County. Constructing classrooms and providing furniture is just the start. Textbooks and other essential learning items like blackboards, pencils and copybooks are also being distributed.

Teacher training

To address the shortage of trained teachers available, Concern has posted teacher trainers in several rural communities across Grand Bassa. They are providing on-the-job training and support for primary school teachers. 

Reducing poverty

Liberia is still recovering from a brutal 14-year civil war that destroyed lives, schools and homes. Providing education opportunities for young children is essential to securing the country’s economic recovery and to affording Liberia the opportunity to lift itself out of poverty. Children need safe learning environments.

Promoting gender equality

Concern is working with communities to encourage parents to send their children to school, especially girls. More importantly, Concern is supporting communities to know about their children’s rights and to become aware of the importance of gender equality. 

Together with the Ministry of Education, Concern is working in rural schools to ensure that every girl has a brighter future, so she can “be someone tomorrow.”

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