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Eliminating violence against women

25 November is an important day for two reasons this year. Not only is it the first day of the Fastival, but it is also the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

16 days

This day marks the beginning of the annual 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, incorporating World AIDS Day on 1 December and ending on Human Rights Day, 10 December. Many events will be taking place during these 16 days across the 29 countries where we work, as well as here in Ireland.

Breach of human rights

It is estimated that one in three women around the globe will experience some form of gender-based violence at some stage in their lives. Events organised during the 16 Days of Activism let the world know that this is not acceptable and is an affront to human rights.

Equality and respect

Many of Concern’s programmes work to eliminate violence against women. We promote equality through all of our work. We believe in a world where nobody lives in poverty, fear or oppression; where all have access to a decent standard of living and the opportunities and choices essential to a long, healthy and creative life. We believe in a world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. 

What’s happening?

Find out what’s happening in your area during 16 Days of Activism and try to get involved. 

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