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Emergency supplies sent to disaster struck Myanmar

It is over a month since the devastating Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar. Over 100,000 were killed and 2.4 million people were affected by the cyclone that swept across the country on 2 May. While the headlines might be disappearing the suffering of the people has not.

Over two million people, mostly in the hardest-hit Irrawaddy delta, are still in desperate need. There continues to be a very heavy demand for non food items such as blankets, plastic sheeting and mosquito nets. With the money raised by an emergency appeal, Concern is sending a charter plane containing 32,000 kg of plastic sheeting and tarpaulins to repair damaged houses, blankets and materials to erect temporary shelters from Frankfurt.

Emergency supplies

Irish Aid has also donated a charter to Concern loaded with supplies for survivors left homeless and without shelter. This charter departed from Dublin on Thursday 12 June, containing 41,000 kg of shelter materials, mosquito nets, jerry cans, soap, blankets, water storage tanks and sanitation equipment. These items have been released from Irish Aid’s emergency stocks in the Curragh to Concern.

Mr Paul O’Brien, Concern’s Overseas Director, says, “Even though Myanmar has disappeared from our front pages, the plight of the people continues. It’s more urgent than ever that the survivors of the cyclone receive the assistance they need to help rebuild their lives. These charters will deliver basic emergency supplies to help people build shelter and ensure that survivors have access to clean water and proper sanitation.”

Alliance partners

Concern has been responding to the needs of the survivors through its Alliance 2015 partners on the ground Italian NGO Cesvi and German aid agency Welthungerhilfe. Cesvi is currently helping 80,000 people in the Dedaye Township in the Irrawaddy delta focusing on the distribution of emergency food and shelter materials as well as water and sanitation programmes.

Two members of Concern Worldwide's emergency response team, Jo Mason and Per Andersson, have been working alongside the Cesvi team in developing their emergency response to the cyclone. Concern is also seeking visas for additional staff members to join the Cesvi team. Concern’s emergency appeal for the people of Myanmar has so far raised over €350,000.