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Empowerment and education in Kenya

All children have the right to an education. In Kenya, we’re working with partners to make sure this is a reality especially for the most vulnerable communities in the slums.

The Urban Slums Basic Education Campaign was started in 2007 by local organisations with support from Concern Worldwide. 

Demanding change

The campaign’s goal is that every child living in slums should have access to primary education by 2015. The campaign is attempting to do this by empowering communities in the slums to demand this education for their own children. People living in these areas receive training, support and advice so they can demand and influence change. 

It’s the law! 

Primary education has been free in Kenya since 2003. But, historically, people living in city slums were marginalised. They are considered to be squatters on state land, and are therefore not entitled to public services like education. This campaign takes a different view: that all children, regardless of their circumstances, have the right to education as protected by international law. 

Simply put, Kenya is subject to these laws, so it must provide education to those living in the slums. It’s the law.

How do we help? 

Concern provides the campaign with vital support so these laws are adhered to. Through grants and advice, Concern helps with human rights education, organisation and mobilisation of community groups, research and analysis, and lobbying.

Universal primary education can only be achieved when the government in Kenya helps all its communities. In particular, the most vulnerable people living in Kenya’s slums. 

Follow the campaign

You can follow the progress of the campaign through Facebook and Twitter. You can also read the campaign’s blog