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Encouraging response for smallholder farmers

Concern Worldwide welcomes the response from Department for International Development (DFID) to its letter and submission to the internal review of their agriculture policy.

Concern embraced the opportunity to engage directly with DFID in their internal review of their agricultural policy. This was conducted through a written submission, face to face meetings, and a letter to the Minister.

Opportunities for wider public involvement

DFID has not decided whether it will publicly evaluate its agriculture policy. Concern hopes it will provide an opportunity for the wider public and supporters over the summer to feed their concerns regarding DFID’s agricultural policy directly to them.

One of the key principles – a valuble addition – DFID wants to promote globally is “that smallholder farmers, among other private sector and civil society stakeholders, contribute effectively to policy dialogue.”

Also very encouraging is that “DFID is giving high priority to responding to the needs of the poor and vulnerable.”

To read full response click here in .pdf format