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Fairtrade Fortnight: 25 Feb - 9 March

Fairtrade fortnight is running from 25 February to 9 March. This fortnight happens every year to highlight the availability and benefits of Fairtrade products.

There are a number of local events around Fraidtrade Fortnight, depending on where you are. In Republic of Ireland click here, if you are in the UK click here.

Tell us what your thoughts on Fairtrade or if you are doing any special for the fortnight itself.

According to the Fairtade Foundation; “Fairtrade is a tool for development that ensures disadvantaged farmers and workers in developing countries get a better deal through the use of the international Fairtrade Mark. For a product to display the Fairtrade Mark it must meet international Fairtrade standards which are set by the international certification body Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International (FLO).

These standards are agreed through a process of research and consultation with key participants in the Fairtrade scheme, including producers themselves, traders, NGOs, academic institutions and labelling organisations such as the Fairtrade Foundation.”