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Fears grow for South Kordofan

Tens of thousands of people in South Kordofan state have been caught up in escalating violence which started earlier this month following state governor elections.

Shelter, food and water

Over 60,000 people have been forced to flee their homes, including at least 30,000 children.

Around half of these people are displaced to the north and west of the state, and Concern is working with other agencies to provide shelter, food and water in these areas.

Difficult access

Many other people are still in the Nuba Mountains regions where heavy fighting continues, involving aerial bombing, heavy artillery and the use of landmines.  As a result, Concern staff are struggling to access those affected in this area.

Helping families

Concern started working in Kordofan in the mid 1980s. We currently work both through our staff and local partners to support the extreme poor. We supply access to water and help families grow food for themselves. These programmes in the Nuba area are now severely affected.

Impact on cultivation

It is the planting season at the moment, and families’ food stocks are already low. Concern fears that if the fighting continues, those who have fled their homes and those caught up in the conflict will be unable to plant their fields.  This means there will be no crops to harvest, resulting in the possibility of wide-scale hunger.

An immediate ceasefire and humanitarian access to the conflict area is needed to prevent further suffering.