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Gifts of Hope

Walking around the shops here in Dublin you can sense the Christmas feeling beginning to take hold. Christmas decorations, presents and music are omnipresent.

It is a bit early for most people, but now is the time for businesses to start thinking about what they are going to give to their clients, staff and associates as gifts.

Here at Concern we have recently launched a raft of newly designed sites, which you can see here. Included in this re-launch is the new-look Corporate Gifts of Hope site. The site is urging businesses to rethink what they send out as presents this year.

What do they usually give? Mostly, bottles of wine, chocolates, hampers and other things. All of which are nice, but now businesses can make a more lasting impression by instead giving supplies for mothers and children, building materials for schools and bakeries and of course goats (with livestock medicines and veterinary support). Here is a full catalogue of available gifts.

All companies that support Gifts of Hope will receive a certificate for their office and an email signature saying that they have chosen to make a donation to Concern as part of their corporate gifts policy. All companies in the Republic of Ireland that make a donation of €250 or more will also be acknowledged in a national newspaper Gifts of Hope advert in January 2008.