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Haiti: 12 weeks on

Concern’s work in Haiti is now reaching 75,000 people, and this number is still growing. We are carrying out a number of activities relating to the things people need most: water, shelter, food and security.

Water and sanitation

We are currently providing water and sanitation services to 52,582 people at 13 camps around Port au Prince. This involves providing hygiene kits and clean water (over 250 cubic metres per day). It also involves building latrines and organising teams to collect rubbish. We have also organised 30 youth volunteers to promote the importance of health and hygiene.

A latrine designed by our engineer Per Anderson has been adopted by the UN, and will be used by all the aid agencies in Haiti.


We are providing over 55,000 people with shelter and household kits. These kits include tents, kitchen sets, blankets, mosquito nets, buckets and tarpaulins.


Concern, in partnership with the World Food Programme, is providing food to 53,600 children under five and 16,000 pregnant and lactating women. 

We have opened 10 centres for treating malnutrition and two centres for severe cases of malnutrition. Nine tents are being used to help encourage women to continue to breastfeed after the trauma of the earthquake.


Concern has opened three areas providing a safe environment for 1,200 children in Divergloire, Dahomey and Place de la Paix. Two more of these are being planned. 

Camp management

Concern is currently managing 19 settlement camps in Port au Prince and in the new settlement Tabare Issa. The combined population of these camps is over 55,000 people.

Cash for work

The first cash for work teams started on 15 February in St Martin and Martissant. The initial phase iinvolved 18 teams with wheelbarrows, brooms and spades clearing rubble and rubbish from earthquake-hit areas. The second phase consists of 54 teams.

Cash transfers

Concern will provide 7,500 women with approximately $105 each as a start-up grant for small business. This programme is taking place in Port au Prince, La Gonave and Saut D’Eau.


We have resumed our peace-building work with the 12 peace committees we worked with prior to the earthquake. We have been speaking with over 300 people about how the earthquake has affected them and their communities. Based on these conversations, we have begun planning activities that will promote peace in post-quake Port au Prince.