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Haiti earthquake: eyewitness report

Today, we drove downtown to the UNICEF warehouse to get supplies for our water distributions. While loading up the truck, we felt another tremor measuring 4.9. They continue to occur, four days after the initial hit.

We passed utter devastation as people continue to dig through the rubble to find loved ones...Bodies are still being carried out from temporary hospitals. Other injured Haitians are carried there on makeshift stretchers. Large trucks from the Dominican Republic try to clear rubble from an old police station now flattened to the ground.


The need for water is great. The relief effort is underway but the road to rebuilding Haiti is long; everyone knows this.

There is sadness in everyone you meet. No one has escaped the tragedy. While waiting at UNICEF this morning, one colleague told me how she lost her cousin and all his children; all her families’ houses have been destroyed and they are staying at her house. The team, despite this trauma, continues to work hard, sleeping outside and rationing food and water.


The shops remain closed. The petrol is running low but Concern’s team move forward, overcoming new challenges each day. I knew the team here was great, but in the face of this I realise just how dedicated they really are.