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Haiti storms and floods

The 2008 Hurricane Season has hit Haiti hard over the last three weeks, bringing with it incredible downpours of rain and strong winds, leaving Haiti to pick up the pieces again.

 An estimated 630 people have been killed as a result of the storms in the last few weeks.

The weather conditions began to slightly ease up before this last weekend, allowing for some of the affected population to be reached. Rescue operations are mostly being carried out by the UN. 

Port city of Gonaives

The situation in Gonaives is particularly serious, where the city is completely paralysed, submerged by two metres of flood water. 

Gonaives was hit very hard back in 2004 with Tropical Storm Jeanne destroying thousands of homes and large amounts of crops, but the situation today is more serious. There have been severe agricultural losses in the south and they cannot substitute the products needed. This will have a huge impact on access to food.

Concern’s response

Concern is distributing 500 hygiene, 500 kitchen kits, blankets and jerrycans for water on the island of La Gonave. The most urgent need is drinking water and planning is underway to transport water to the south east region of the island.

All of Concern’s partners are currently working on assessing the great needs of those affected. Concern is working closely with Oxfam, providing non-food items to people in shelters in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital.