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Harsh reality of life on streets

Concern Worldwide is working to protect people living on the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh. These people are vulnerable to violence and kidnapping. Around 400 women and children in the country fall victim to trafficking every month.

Last Christmas, we launched an appeal aimed at helping children living on the streets of Dhaka. The campaign featured Babu, a young child who had been living on the streets since he became an orphan at just four years of age. A year earlier, he had been kidnapped and sold for about £35, but his screams alerted the attention of a policeman and he escaped.


Sadly, Babu’s life was brought to an untimely end when he was killed in a road accident recently. AKM Musha, Concern’s country director in Bangladesh, said:

This is very, very sad and unacceptable but this is the harsh reality for children living on the street in Dhaka City.

Day centres

Thanks to the money raised from our appeal, we are able to offer children like Babu respite from the noise and filth on the streets of Dhaka at our day centres across the city. These centres support more than 1,000 people each day, offering a safe place for them to rest, wash and cook. Children under five are given nursery education and lunch, allowing their parents to work. 

This is part of our “Amrao Manush” programme. It translates as “we are people too,” an appropriate name for a project that treats people on the streets with the dignity they deserve. We’re dedicated to continuing this work to ensure that people like Babu get the help they need.