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Help Concern without spending a cent

Did you know that there are millions of Euro sitting in government coffers which, with the swipe of your pen, could be saving lives?

 Can you help?

If you are a PAYE worker and have donated €250 or more to Concern during the last tax year, Concern can claim an extra amount from the Revenue Commissioners at no cost to you. Last year, Concern managed to claim a massive €4.5 million back from the Revenue Commissioners.

How to get involved

Personal finance expert Eddie Hobbs, who is supporting Concern's campaign, explains how people can get involved, "Because charitable donations are tax free, agencies like Concern can claim the tax back on donations totaling €250 or more over the course of a tax year. If someone is paying tax at the higher rate, Concern can claim €181 from the taxman on a €250 donation. Concern can claim an extra €63 on a €250 donation from a standard rate tax payer."

Permission required

Eddie Hobbs explains: "To claim the money from the Revenue Commissioners Concern requires your permission. By signing and returning the form sent by Concern, you will be providing them with much needed funds at no cost to yourself. All it takes is your signature."

Concern Chief Executive Tom Arnold said, "Irish people donated over €42 million to Concern's work last year. We need people to help us make that money go even further. All it requires is for people who have donated to Concern to fill in the form which will have been emailed or posted to them."


Concern estimates that there is over €3.5 million which can be reclaimed with the help of Concern donors around the country. Tom Arnold: "This money can make a massive difference for people in Darfur where over 250,000 people are directly benefiting from Concern's work. People have been forced from their homes into camps and Concern is providing camp residents with clean water and toilet facilities. Concern is also providing life saving assistance to malnourished children…We are strongly urging people to fill in this form and send it back to Concern. This money has the potential to save lives."