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HIV and AIDS in Ethiopia: video

Our office in Ethiopia recently produced three videos for Ethiopian television, dealing with the issues of HIV and AIDS, discrimination and stigma. The videos follow the lives of different children, facing difficult times and have clear messages for viewers.

Oh, by the way, the videos are in Amharic. But for those of you who don't speak Amharic,  information is repeated in the “more information” section (top right hand side) on each YouTube page.

In school

The first video is set in a school in Ethiopia. The message is clear: it is vitally important to help children with HIV deal with the problems they face. View the video below.

The other two videos are embedded further down the page.

Fairness and equality

The second and third videos urge viewers to care for, and not discriminate against, children orphaned by AIDS.

And the third, final, video: