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How rich are you?

Concern works in some of the world’s poorest countries. Many of these countries are measured and rated as part of the United Nations Human Development Index.

Index report

This rates countries on criteria such as life expectancy, literacy, education, standard of living and other factors. It is also used to establish many scales, including well-being, quality of life and child welfare.

Click here for the latest index report.

How rich are you?

But what about individual wealth or lack thereof: how rich or poor are you when compared with the world’s population? Global Rich List can answer that question. According to the site, “Every year we gaze enviously at the lists of the richest people in world. Wondering what it would be like to have that sort of cash. But where would you sit on one of those lists?” To find out simply click here, input your annual income and press the “show me the money” button.

The results may be a surprise. For example, entering an annual salary of Euro 1,000 (way below the EU average of about Euro 12,000), returns a ranking in the top 34% richest people in the world. Where does your annual salary rate?