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Human cost of Pakistan disaster

Charsadda has been turned upside down by the floods. Village upon village has simply been wiped away. So far, in this district, Concern Worldwide has distributed basic household items and hygiene kits to 19,880 people.

Mina’s story

Last week, I met with locals there who have lost everything – homes, jobs, family, and livelihoods. Single mother of three, Mina Gul, was uprooted from her home in the village of Sanamgari by the devastating impact of the floods. She has lost her house, her possessions and her job. Her three young children are now suffering from flood-inflicted illnesses. She told me that so far, only Concern has come here to help. Such is the scale of this calamity, the government capacity is simply not able to cope.

A drop in the ocean

Mina is just one of a number of the extremely poor people that we are targeting. The stories are endless and they are echoed across Pakistan for the estimated 20 million people who have been affected by this disaster.

Back to basics

For now, Concern is working with community partners to ensure that there is access to clean water, daily household items and medical camps for the sick. More than two million people in this province of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa have been directly affected by the flooding. Meeting the short-term needs of these people is proving to be a tough enough job, and yet we have to think of the long-term needs too. 

Future impact

The people of Pakistan are perilously close to an unimaginable food crisis. The mammoth 20 million affected and the lack of funding has meant that the emergency response has had to spread itself wide and thin. Future support must pivot around the redevelopment of infrastructure so that communities like this one can regain a foothold on their livelihoods.