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Jim Miley elected Chairperson of Concern

Concern has announced the appointment of Jim Miley, founder and Chief Executive of, as its new Chairperson. A member of the Concern Council for the past seven years and the agency's Secretary for the past three years, he brings a wealth of experience in the business and public services sectors to the new post.

He started his career in the mid 1980s as a Concern volunteer in Ethiopia.  He later worked with RTE as a television and radio broadcaster and also served as General Secretary of Fine Gael.  Prior to establishing, he was Chief Executive of Dublin City Chamber of Commerce.

Concern's work

Concern is Ireland's largest humanitarian agency and last year spent €114m in combating disasters, hunger and disease and in improving education and livelihoods in 30 of the world's most vulnerable countries.  In 2006 over 18 million people in these countries benefited from the activities of Concern.  Jim Miley said none of this work would be possible without people's enormous generosity, especially in Ireland.

Public support

"Last year saw income of Euro122m for Concern, over 50% of which came from private donors in the form of direct debits and responses to public appeals.  Some 150,000 people, most of whom live in Ireland, contributed directly to Concern in 2006.

"The needs are greater than ever.  There is now an opportunity to apply the talents and skills that have fuelled the growth of the Celtic Tiger economy to assist organisations like Concern to make a real long-term difference in the fight against poverty and deprivation.  I am honoured to be part of the Concern effort to harness that talent in the business community and across all sections of Irish life," said Jim Miley.

Jim Miley takes over from David Regan who has served as Chairperson of Concern for the past four years.