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Justice does not end at home

 “Charity may indeed begin at home, but charity – and justice – does not end there.

However straitened our current national circumstances, they do not compare with the terrible poverty in the countries in which Irish aid money is spent.”

Cover of the Irish Times So says Tom Arnold, in a piece published recently in the Irish Times.

100 million people

With this in mind, it becomes very difficult to justify the recent cuts in the Ireland’s overseas aid budget. Elsewhere, Tom has commented that “if you take 95 as the average benefit to an individual from Irish Aid, that’s 100 million people we can no longer give assistance to.”

Dear Taoiseach

A letter has been sent to the Taoiseach by Concern and many other Irish non-governmental organisations, urging the government not to turn their backs on the world’s poorest people. Read more here.