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Kenya’s “lush land dries up”

There are some harrowing reports coming from Kenya about its worsening drought.

Water and land

BBC News reports that the drought “is taking its toll on both people and wildlife…Clashes over land and water lead [sic] to the deaths of 32 people last week, with community leaders warning there will be more violence.”

There is an accompanying video report. Be warned, some of the images are disturbing.

Taps run dry

The spectre of rising violence has also been reported by the New York Times in an article entitled “Lush Land Dries Up, Withering Kenya’s Hopes.” According to it, the drought “is sweeping across Kenya, killing livestock, crops and children. It is stirring up tensions in the ramshackle slums where the water taps have run dry, and spawning ethnic conflict in the hinterland as communities fight over the last remaining pieces of fertile grazing land.” Read the report (NY Times log-in required).

The wrong gods

Fintan O'Toole of the Irish Times also reported on the crisis. His two recent articles paint a vivid picture of the suffering faced in the cities and the countryside: “Keeping hope despite life's hardships” and "'We are praying to the wrong gods' in Enkaroni, Kenya."