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Kenya's forgotten slums

In a slum as large as Kibera, why are so many children being overlooked?

Of Nairobi’s four million inhabitants, over half now live in the city’s slums. Today the Kibera slum is the largest in Africa.

Living conditions are deplorable, with overcrowding beyond imagination. People are living wall to wall, with no space left unused.

Attention elsewhere

Yet, for all its suffering, the world’s attention seems to be elsewhere – especially now, with the state of the economy worldwide. The help that Kenya has received has been primarily in the rural areas.

Food price crisis

In the meantime, the slum crisis is growing. Millions of people, particularly children, are among the worst affected by the global food price crisis. Families simply cannot afford food, as seen in the video below.

Something must be done

To start to change this picture, Concern is launching an appeal in September with the aim of helping at least 50,000 of the poorest, most vulnerable people who live in Kenya’s slums.

If successful, the appeal could save the lives of thousands of children and help countless more towards a healthier, safer future.