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Life in Nairobi’s slums

The east Africa food crisis is leaving millions of people in Nairobi’s slums in urgent need of help. Concern Worldwide is there, but your support is urgently needed. 

More than half of Nairobi’s total population lives on just five percent of the city’s land in cramped, filthy slums. Many of these men, women and children were forced from the countryside to the city as a result of droughts caused by climate change. A shocking 43% of the slum population is under the age of 15 years. 

Exploitation and hardship

There is no water supply, schools or hospitals. Many children have lost one or both parents to HIV and AIDS and are exposed to a life of exploitation and hardship. 

Our charity work in Kenya

Concern is providing urgent relief to the people in Nairobi who need it most. Our work is providing immediate and long-term help. We’re focusing on education, healthcare, HIV and AIDS and helping people generate their own income. 

You can help

This Christmas, please give whatever you can. Every donation makes a big difference.

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