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Living under threat

I recently visited Charsadda, one of the areas worst affected by the floods in Pakistan.  

Around 80% of houses in Charsadda have been destroyed. One village I visited had to move to higher ground to escape the flooding, and this was only available at their local graveyard. Eventually the flood even reached there too, and its power was so strong that bodies were removed from the graves.

Washed away

Much of the Pakistani population now has nowhere to go. Millions of homes that were made out of mud and straw have been washed away.

The harsh reality facing Pakistan is that all of its crops have been destroyed. All the seed that would have been planted this October has been wiped away. That leaves a dangerously low supply of food for the future.


There are hundreds of thousands of people living under the threat of not having enough food or water. We've seen children with scabies on their hands and feet, and with eye infections.

While we're distributing food items, our major concern is hygiene so that people don't contract malaria or waterborne diseases. 


Despite such difficulties, the Pakistani people seem to be very united. Many are giving blankets to others when they only have two for themselves. 

They're getting their food rations and giving half to their neighbour. Even though they have so little, they're being so generous.

Aid getting through

The money people donate to Concern is getting to the beneficiaries. It’s going to Pakistan and its people.

Concern is targeting 500,000 people with supplies including food, clean water and other basic necessities. We’re also setting up mobile medical clinics to treat and prevent the spread of disease.

You can help