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Marking World Aids Day in a big way

Concern Worldwide India teamed up with BIG 92.7 FM radio station to create an outdoor studio, marking a month-long campaign for World Aids Day. The studio was built onto a giant billboard, the first of its kind in eastern India.

Live broadcast

The Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Orissa Shri Prasanna Acharya, gave the first radio talk and inaugurated the studio on 30 November, the eve of World Aids Day. BIG 92.7 FM ran live programming from the outdoor studio at Master Canteen Square, a central area in Bhubaneswar, Orissa for all of last week. 

Djs broadcast live discussions on HIV and AIDS prevention, education and “responsible living” from 30 November to 4 December.

Audience participation

Many people, a lot of them quite young - the target audience - gathered in the square to watch the live broadcast and also took part in the campaign about HIV prevention. Prizes were given to those coming forward with some of the best ideas for spreading the message. Word of mouth spread throughout the city and the number of those who gathered to watch increased throughout the week. 

Think now!

There was a month-long series of events designed to reach out to young people especially those in urban areas, college student s and young professionals. These events focused on issues relating to HIV stigma and discrimination while encouraging young people to make informed choices. The campaign slogan was called in Indian “Socha Nahin Toh Socho Zara” which means:  “If you have not thought about it yet, think now!”


This initiative was funded by the European Union and various corporate partners – Forum Mart, The World, Share a Cup, Café Coffee Day, ETV, Samvad Kalika, Aaren Initiative, K Campus and Food Box. 

Concern also organised stalls and discussions in different parts of Bhubaneswar city in support of the cause. “The campaign response has been extraordinary,” said Dipankar Datta, Country Director of Concern Worldwide India. 

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