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Mexico AIDS Conference 2008

An international conference on HIV and AIDS is currently taking place in Mexico City.

The conference has drawn around 22,000 participants from around the world, including many of the leaders in the global fight against AIDS. Among them are 13 representatives from Concern offices in Haiti, Ethiopia, Kenya, India and Dublin.

“There are no longer bystanders”

As the rates of infection continue to rise in many countries around the world, there is widespread consensus among the participants on the urgency of ensuring universal access to HIV prevention and treatment.

Speaking about the conference, Dr. Pedro Cahn, President of the International AIDS Society said “What we now need is action on the part of all stakeholders. As we gather in Mexico, each of us must ask ourselves: What can I do to end AIDS? In 2008, there are no longer bystanders in this global struggle.”

Sharing lessons learned

Many Concern staff are presenting at the conference. For instance Sorel Bertrand, from the Concern office in Haiti, is speaking about dealing with HIV and stigma. Aparajita Dhar is presenting a series of case histories of people living with the virus in Orissa, India.

On their return, each representative will host a feedback meeting with key stakeholders in their country. The lessons learnt will also be shared with Concern’s partner organisations.

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