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The minister and our aid research

Ireland’s minister for the department of foreign affairs and trade, Jan O’Sullivan, arrived in Mozambique today. Jan was presented with new research by Concern Worldwide which examines the effectiveness of aid in five countries in the developing world.

Tackling poverty

This new research focuses on the role of individuals in the fight against poverty. The research is made up of five country case studies on Cambodia, Tanzania, Nicaragua, Ghana and Mozambique with an overall report. Concern and our Alliance2015 partners have been particularly focused on “democratic ownership.” This means that governments and citizens work together to develop policies that can tackle poverty.

Concern’s contribution

Jan’s visit to Mozambique formed part of her first overseas trip to developing countries as minister of state. Upon receiving the Concern research, Jan acknowledged Concern’s “valuable contribution” in making Irish aid more effective. She said:

Ireland is a country which is fully focused on maximising the effectiveness of its aid. The government’s programme is highly regarded across the globe for its effectiveness and its impact. This research shows the contribution NGOs like Concern are making to this wider effort.

Effective aid

This research has been launched ahead of the fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness which will take place in Korea. World leaders will meet to review progress on making overseas aid more effective. Concern’s CEO, Tom Arnold said:

Concern is committed to constantly improving the effectiveness of our own work in the field, listening to and working in partnership with those who live with extreme poverty every day of every year.

The central message is that effectiveness in fighting extreme poverty requires the active involvement of citizens and parliaments in creating and implementing development policies.

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