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More heavy rain expected in Haiti

Throughout Haiti more than 800,000 people have been seriously affected as a result of tropical storms Fay, Hanna, Gustav and Ike.

Over 80,000 people are currently seeking refuge in temporary shelters. According to the National Civil Protection Unit, the death toll has increased to 423, with 131,000 families affected.

Continuous challenge

With more rains due over the next 48 hours, the challenge now is to prepare for continuous heavy rains until the end of the season.

Cases of malaria are increasing and there are concerns that the situation could potentially deteriorate. It is vital at this stage to begin reconstruction and to clean-up towns and secure waste management facilities. Access to food will also become more of a problem as many crops have been completely destroyed.

Rebuilding infrastructure

A team of seven from the European Commissions Disaster Monitoring and Information Centre arrived in Port-au-Prince on Tuesday. The team includes several engineers who specialise in bridges. They will be coordinating with local partners, assessing the state of the bridges throughout the country.  

The World Food Programme has launched two new emergency operations. The first is Air Operation, contracting four heavy lift helicopters that will be used to transport food. The second is supporting the relief efforts of the Haitian authorities. 

Shortage of fuel

Fuel shortages are being experienced throughout the country. Fuel is normally shipped to ports and then transported by road but now as most roads are damaged this has been disrupted.

Distributing aid

On Wednesday, Concern distributed hygiene kits, cooking utensils and blankets to shelters in Martissant. A shipment has also been sent to Saut d’Eau for distribution, consisting of kitchen utensils, blankets, bottles of chlorine solution, jerry cans and plastic sheeting.

Construction kits

Concern needs your help to source and distribute construction kits to families to help rebuild their homes. One kit costs US $210 and includes corrugated roof plates, wooden beams, cement, sand and nails.