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Mozambique floods have left 100,000 homeless

Over 100,000 people are homeless as a result of the flooding in Mozambique. The government has reported that 258,000 people are in need of food, water and sanitation.


Though water levels have been dropping, Mozambique is still in the middle of the rainy season. As such, it won’t take much for the situation in the country to deteriorate again in the days and weeks to come. Some estimates predict that Cyclone Ivan is expected to lead to more rainfall in the coastal belt of the country.

As a result of the flooding, cholera is now becoming a serious problem. Mutarara District has confirmed 582 cases in the last two weeks, with nine deaths. Similar signals are coming from other affected areas.

Many people’s homes and crops have suffered enormous damage. It is expected that these people will require ongoing assistance in the coming months.

Concern’s response

Concern is providing plastic sheeting, mosquito nets and 3,200 emergency household kits to vulnerable households in Chinde and Tambara. Concern will also be distributing food in Tambara for a two month period.

In the longer term, once the immediate crisis has been dealt with, Concern is planning to focus on disaster risk reduction in Chinde. This work will aim to ensure that local communities are better prepared to cope with a crisis like this in the future.