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New site: maps and tags

Our new site has been online now for a few days. So far, the feedback has been fairly positive.

In my last blog post, I wrote about the philosophy behind the new site. Today, I’m going to have a look at some of the improvements we’ve made.

Where are you? Where we work map

Visitors to the site often want to find out about where Concern works. To make this as clear and easy-to-follow as possible, we have used Google Maps. Here is our world map.

Google Maps allows you to navigate around, zooming in and out as please. All the countries we work in are highlighted on the map with pins. There is information on each country embedded in these pins. You can also use them to navigate to the country’s profile page. This provides in-depth information.

What type of information?

Each of the country profile pages now has the ability to pull in relevant content from around the site, and present it to you in one place.

A good example of this is our Malawi page. As well as the map and country profile, the page now includes related news about Malawi, success stories from Malawi and information on our Malawi appeal.

New possibilities

This is all possible because we can now tag each piece of content with metadata. That simply means that each page is categorised by region, country, project etc. This allows us to gather and present the right information to visitors in the right place.

Why should you care?

Tagging content makes it much easier for you to find the information you’re looking for. It is the engine that is driving how the content appears on the site. The tags on each page aren’t always visible, but they are always working behind the scenes.

One of most important areas of the site for tags is the blogs section. Here, each blog post is tagged, and these tags are visible at the end of post.

So, for example, if you read this blog post by Naoise you can see its tags at the bottom. One of them is “advocacy”. If you click on this, all blog entries about Concern’s advocacy activities will be presented to you. It is an easy way to find out about the things that interest you.