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News from the team in Chad

It’s been a busy time for the Concern team in Chad. Though some new faces have arrived to join the team, they are still understaffed and it remains difficult to find bilingual English/French speaking staff.

A Concern staff member from Sudan, will be joining the team to design an efficient stove building and training programme. These stoves use locally available materials, ie clay and donkey dung. By using these, people will reduce the amount of time (and potential danger) involved for women gathering firewood, the principal source of fuel.

Andres has returned from Dublin, were he met with Concern staff in the head office. He is now working hard in his role as project manager. 

Meanwhile, the team in Chad are continuing with the ongoing work of helping the people whose lives have been affected by the crisis here. An estimated 170,000 Chadians have been displaced from their homes and are now living in camps. Concern is currently working in four of these camps, providing basic aid and shelter to those who need it most.

A good relationship has developed between the Concern team and the leaders of each of the camps were Concern works. As a result, Concern are now being seen as the focal point for humanitarian issues at the camps. Other organisations have contacted us with requests to inform people in the camps about upcoming events like food distributions and nutrition surveys. We are currently planning a blanket distribution in order to help people cope with drop in temperatures as winter draws in.