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One month on

It is now one month since a massive earthquake struck Haiti. Concern’s team has been working with long-established local organisations to get aid to those that need it most.

Reaching thousands

Brid Kennedy of Concern commented:

“The first month of our current six-month recovery plan has reached one third of the 150,000 earthquake-affected people we are targeting. We’ve provided water, sanitation and shelter, but the road to recovery will be long.”

Bigger team

We have more than doubled our team of local staff in Haiti from 106 to 250. We’ve also provided an additional 23 international emergency response staff. They are part of our effort to provide relief and support to 150,000 people within six months of the disaster.

Water and hygiene

Over 41,500 people are now receiving drinking water daily from Concern and its partners in Port au Prince and Martissant. Over 40,000 hygiene kits have been distributed.

A long view

According to Brid Kennedy:

With a view to the longer term, Concern is continuing the education programmes in which it was engaged before the disaster. Between 2,000 and 4,500 schools have been destroyed in Haiti and education is key to developing the country.

We are continuing to target 18,000 school children with primary education and creating five open ‘child friendly spaces’ in camps which will provide safe play and learning areas for an additional 4,000 children.