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Our new site

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’ve just launched a new website. Why? Well, we had outgrown the old one really.

The most recent version of the site (you can see it here) was just a redecorated version of our really old site from a few years ago. You can see the old site here.

A few problems

Its information architecture (that is how the information was organised and presented) was pretty bad. The old site was not based on user testing, user behaviour nor user requirements. That was a problem. It meant that visitors to the site weren’t being presented with the information they wanted, when they needed it. Behind the scenes there were problems too.

But let’s not be too hard on the old site! It served us well, but things have moved on…

The coming days

Over the next week, I’ll be blogging about some of the improvements we’ve made, and how it will meet your needs more satisfactorily (I hope).

But before we get into those details, I want to quickly write about how we have approached this new version of the site.

A focus on you - the user

Our philosophy going into this was that we had to build the new site based on what the users of the site required. Your behaviour as a visitor, and your requirements were of paramount importance. In practical terms, this meant using usability experts to determine who used our site, and how they behaved on it.

Some of the things we learned were that visitors wanted to easily find out about where we work, about how we spend their donations and how they can get involved.

In my next blog post, I’ll write more about how we addressed those important questions.