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Overseas aid on Twitter

On Friday, we had our first Concern chat on Twitter. We used the hashtag #concernchat to start the discussion. The idea is to have a discussion with – and between – our Twitter followers about an important issue relating to our work.

Friday’s topic was: how much money should our governments be sending on overseas aid? And the response from our online chatters was unanimous – we should be spending at least the 0.7%, which was originally promised by many governments.

What our tweeters said

Megan Marsh said:

I want my gov't to spend 10% on poverty-focused development assistance.

Meanwhile, Valerie T felt:

0.7% at least! XD preferably 1%, seeing how our governments budget has dropped so much.

Kristen felt very strongly about the role of governments in meeting the Millennium Development Goals. According to her:

It would be a good start if they simply met the millennium development goals. As it stands we are far behind all we committed to. [The Millennium Development Goals are the] bare minimum of wat we can do. But if our priorities&convictions don't match our actions, we r only fooling ourselves.

More chats

We had a great chat about a very important issue and it was really good to get your feedback. We’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say in our next Concern chat…coming soon!