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Pakistan: one year on

This month marks the one year anniversary of Pakistan’s worst natural disaster on record. Unprecedented flooding caused by heavy monsoon rains affected 20 million people, leaving 2,000 dead, 1.7 million homeless, and another 6 million in urgent need of food.  

Through our emergency programmes wereached 2,348,245 flood survivors. In the first six months of the emergency, working through our extensive network of local partners, we reached one million of the most vulnerable people.

Watch a video of our work in the country:

Work continues

But there is still more work to be done.

In Sindh, where floodwaters were slowest to recede, food shortages now threaten the most vulnerable, particularly children under five. Malnutrition rates have risen to 18.8 percent, well above the emergency threshold. Concern is now working to prevent and treat severely malnourished children in Sindh with outpatient and inpatient nutrition programmess.

Our long-term recovery programmess are prioritising agriculture, livelihoods, water and sanitation, small business rehabilitation, shelter, nutrition and community infrastructure.

Concern country director for Pakistan, Aine Fay said:

The scale of Concern’s response in this emergency has been nothing short of extraordinary. Because of our strong links with local partners, we were able to alleviate suffering in the immediate aftermath of the floods for a huge number of people and now we’re in a position to be able to establish systems that will protect vulnerable communities from seasonal flooding.

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