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Pakistan: relief work continues

Six months after the devastating floods in Pakistan, press officer Joop Koopman reports on Concern Worldwide’s health programme in the country.

Improved hygiene

Our water, sanitation and hygiene programme aims to improve the health of people affected by the disaster. Joop met with people participating in the initiative.

Imam Bakish, 50, who has nine children, said:

Before, we had given little thought to hygiene in the home and in our environment. Our lives are much changed. Today we keep our bodies and our clothes clean, and children are less frequently ill and adults are doing better as well.

Naseem, a 30-year-old mother of six, remarked:

There has been such a great change. We have gone to more than four [hygiene] sessions and are learning so much. The programme has helped us a lot and made the village very happy.


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