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Photos: mobile medical camps

Concern has set up nine mobile medical camps in Charsadda district in the past two weeks, with 48 camps planned in total. 

Common ailments

Our local partner, Friends Foundation, established a mobile health clinic in one of the few houses left standing in the village of Aziz Abad. On the day I visited last week, 190 patients came in for treatment. The majority were suffering from skin rashes, eye infections, and urinary infections, as well as diarrhoea.

Remembering 1929 floods

While visiting another village, myself and Mary Fitzgerald from The Irish Times (link) met Nur Rehamn. Nur is the oldest man in his village at (he thinks) 95-years-old.  He remembers the floods of 1929 that many are comparing these floods to.

He told us:

The river was not so full or high in 1929. You cannot compare the damage the floods have done over the last two weeks or the trauma it has caused.

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