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Piracy on Somali seas

Update: Concern’s Overseas Director, Paul O’Brien, was interviewed on the “This Week” programme on RTE yesterday. 

The Belize-flagged cargo ship owned and operated by Kaalbye Shipping, Ukraine, was seized by pirates Sept. 25 and forced to proceed to anchorage off the Somali Coast. From


Forget about the pirate archetype of yesteryear , the modern version is equipped with high-powered speedboats and mortar bombs.


Piracy off the Somali coast has been in the headlines lately, with some high-profile hostage-taking and rescues.

RTE News

But according to Concern’s Overseas Director Paul O’Brien, there are many more people still being held hostage by pirates. Paul was interviewed recently by RTE News about the situation in Somalia: listen to the programme by clicking here.

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